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eCommerce (aka online stores)

MT Design Solutions was founded in 2005 as "Michael Trimm Consulting" but remains the same even under the blanket of a Limited Liability Company. Since then, we have grown and expanded to over 3 States, including Maine, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. We originally started providing custom electronic commerce design and development, but expanded to basic website design and mobile iOS Application development. Looking into the future, MT Design Solutions will take on newer technologies and offer an expanded level of service so we can become your exclusive technology partner.

Electronic Commerce Solutions Include SVKit Commerce and Magento Community Edition / Enterprise Edition

Custom iOS App Development As Low As $1000 A Week!

Mobile ready for web or iOS

MT Design Solutions is a multilingual company that can provide custom international localisation services in French, German, and Spanish - but at the end of the day, we're based here in the USA. Your website will be hosted here in America (unless you opt in for global CDN or global NodeBalanced hosting services). Your website will be hosted in places like Dallas, Newark, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Fremont. If you require your website to be hosted globally, we will provide hosting services based in Tokyo, Japan or London, United Kingdom.

Fully managed website hosting

Since MT Design Solutions functions on a part time basis with no dedicated office, etc. it leaves you with lower consulting rates. Every employee, contractor, and service provider that MT Design Solutions works with is best in their class. We will work with you providing exceptional engineering services without needing to "pay us to learn the stuff" - we already know it. So you are paying for work - not research. Good luck finding that with other companies. With our limited overhead, we don't have high expenses such as mortgage, health insurance, benefits, etc. you pay less and we can work with you to build an estimate that you can handle to meet your business needs.

Global High Performance Web Hosting Solutions


Pricing details are found in the Pricing Guide.