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S&W Publishing, LLC - Indpendent Sawmill and Woodlot Management Magazine at Since 2005


January 2005, S&W Publishing hired Michael Trimm, CEO of MT Design Solutions to provide basic consulting services to update their website. Michael introduced S&W to the world of digital subscriptions and the potential the internet has for their publication. Since then, Michael has been exclusively the provider for

Services Provided

  • Advanced custom software engineering
  • Clusted web hosting
  • Digital publication services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • General technology counsulting

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Thomas School of Dance at Since 2005


Thomas School of Dance is one of the best dance schools for all children in the greater Bangor and central Maine area. They teach thousands upon thousands of people and asked MT Design Solutions to be their exclusive technology partner for their website. Their needs were simple, "I need a website where I can tell my customers news and information about my company." We did just that. We integrated them with Social Media platforms, added Search Engine Optimization, and more to give them a site that they've loved for nearly a decade!

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress Theme + Extensions
  • Standard web hosting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • General technology counsulting

Baxter Outdoors at Since 2014


For a while, MT Design Solutions artificially kept their clientele list very low. As of 2014, MTDS has begun taking on new clientele, including Baxter Outdoors, a daughter company to Baxter Breweries in Auburn Maine. They provide Red-Bull "Like" events for the avid fans of their custom home brewed beer and reached out to MTDS to help build them a solid online store to sell tickets digitally. We integrated them with modern payment processories, build their site for Mobile (using responsive web design) and provided 200% satisfaction guarantee! MT Design Solutions wants you to succeed!

Services Provided

  • SVKit Commerce Platform
  • Advanced web hosting
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
  • PCI Compliant
  • General technology counsulting

Non-Active Clientele

  • Boston Trend Real Estate
  • Maine Maritime Academy
  • Harvard University
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Lippincott Books
  • and more...

Clients We're Looking For

MT Design Solutions doesn't just do business with anybody. Sorry. Instead, we are looking to build an intimate relationship with your business and be your exclusive technology partner. Since MT Design Solutions will continue to artificially keep its growth regulated, not all new clientele can be accepted in 2014/2015. When you engage with us, we'll let you know right off if we won't be able to commit to certain deadlines that your business requires.


MT Design Solutions thrives with publishing companies, small businesses, and small mom-n-pop shops. We want your business! Don't think by having this big fancy website that our services are out of your budget. They aren't. We will work with you to make your online presence a success!