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By Michael Andrei Trimm

Instant Golf Handicap

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Instant Golf Handicap $1.99

Instant Golf Handicap is a smart tool that helps you understand what your handicap is while playing. It's really simple to use. Just add a score and include the slope number and course rating (they're provided to you on your score card) and Instant Golf Handicap will calculate your handicap. It keeps your history in a very easy to use table that you can manage.

iPhone, iPod, & iPad

Tea Timer Pro $0.00

This app is free and works on iOS 8. It is ad free and simple and does what it's designed to do. Please download and enjoy. Make sure to checkout Harney and Sons tea collctions from the shop button.

Tea Time Pro perfects the art of brewing tea for you in a simple to use app that just works. It elegantly does what it is designed to do and you are going to love it. Please support the developer of this application and download it now.

Information provided:
- Quantity of leaves to use for both hot... (read more)

iPhone, iPod, & iPad

Tea Timer Pro



Reciprocity Failure Rate



Reciprocity Failure Rate $0.99

Free until January 1st 2014!

Do you use Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film for your high end photography? If you've ever looked at the specification chart for the film's reciprocity exposure durations you'd realized that small 1-inch by 1-inch graph is pretty much useless when it comes to precision. Thankfully, this app is going to become your new best friend. Our team of highly trained photographers have reverse engineered that tiny graph for you in this app. Select your time, and press GO! It's that easy!... (read more)

iPhone, iPod, & iPad

Parakeets $0.99

"Parakeets" is used by over 400,000 parakeet owners! Thanks everybody for downloading and enjoying 'Parakeets'!

Parakeets' "Pro-Care" in-app purchase will be $2.99 from now on (from $4.99) to help alleviate costs to our customers. Don't worry, the app works great without it and your Parakeet will love you for downloading it. Read our reviews and see for yourself. Parakeets will make your new best friend's life incredible!

Status update for Parakeets 2: New features to include "parakeet songs",... (read more)

iPhone, iPod, & iPad




Trumpet Notes



Trumpet Notes $2.99

TrumpetNotes is a useful application for any Trumpet player. Whether you're a novice or a pro, you'll find this app both instructive and useful in every day playing.

This app displays the major scales and their associated fingering on the trumpet.

Scales Included
- C major
- C# major
- D major
- Eb major
- E major
- F major
- F# major
- G major
- Ab major
- A major

The simple and intuitive design to the app will make using this app in companion to your Trumpet a no-brainer!

This... (read more)

iPhone, iPod, & iPad